How to Undo the Safety Clasp on Bracelets

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When you wear a bracelet, you don't want to worry about losing it as you go about your day. To help eliminate some of the worry, manufacturers have made bracelets with a safety clasp. Opening the safety clasps can be tricky, unless you know how to open one.

Step 1

Open the invisible double-locking security clasp by grasping the area where the ends of the bracelet are joined together. Pull upward and away from your wrist on the top part of the bracelet chain, but not the thin piece directly behind it. If your bracelet has the buckle safety clasp, see the next step.


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Step 2

Push the button on each side of the deployment buckle safety clasp. This button releases the safety clasp mechanism that holds the clasp in place, reducing the chances of the bracelet coming open by itself. When the bracelet opens, you still have the bottom part of the safety clasp connecting each end of the bracelet. If your bracelet has the fold over clasp, see the next step.

Step 3

Pry open the flap that folds over the closed end of the clasp. The fold-over clasp has a piece of metal that catches on the pin that helps keep the clasp closed. You can use your fingernail to flip it open. Grasp the flap with your fingers to pull the fold-over safety clasp open. Some fold-over clasps have a button on the top, located on the flat side of the clasp. When you push the button, this releases and opens the flap, allowing you to remove the bracelet.


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