The Best Way to Cut Cardboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Self-healing cutting mat

  • Ruler/yardstick

  • Pencil

  • Utility knife

Cardboard is too thick for most scissors.

Cardboard can be used in a variety of craft and household projects. Most cardboard is too thick to be cut easily or evenly with scissors, so crafters usually prefer the clean slice of a utility knife. Utility knives enable you to cut away small or large pieces from the cardboard with ease. No matter what you are using the cardboard for, you can count on this versatile tool to help you get the cut you want.


Step 1

Lay a self-healing cutting mat on your work surface. A cutting mat is a flexible piece of plastic material that absorbs a blade without harming the surface underneath.

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Step 2

Line or outline the area that you wish to cut from the cardboard with a marker. If you want to make straight lines, use a ruler or yardstick to assist.

Step 3

Press the tip of a utility knife through the line. Hold the cardboard steady with your free hand as you drag the knife through the cardboard.

Step 4

Cut through the remainder of the marked lines and remove excess cardboard.

Step 5

Clean up the cut edges of the cardboard with the blade of the knife.


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