How to Cook a Frozen Sirloin Roast

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Sirloin can be roasted in the oven.
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A frozen sirloin tip roast recipe might not make the most glamorous meal you'll ever taste, but it could be one of the most satisfying. There are a few ways to turn a frozen sirloin roast into a tender, juicy entree. Starting from frozen will add some cooking time to your process but shouldn't affect the finished product.


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Preparing a frozen sirloin roast

Temperature is everything when it comes to beef. It's how you'll know whether your sirloin roast is done and ready to eat, so make sure you have a meat thermometer handy before starting the cooking process. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that roasts be cooked to at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal food safety.

The cooking method you choose doesn't really affect how you season your roast. Sprinkling it with a generous amount of salt and pepper is really all that's necessary for a basic frozen sirloin tip roast recipe. To give the sirloin roast even more flavor, though, mix minced garlic and chopped parsley with a little olive oil or butter and rub this paste all over the roast before cooking it.


Frozen roast in oven

Cooking frozen roast in the oven is your best bet if you don't have time to thaw it first. It's perfectly safe to cook a roast in the oven from a frozen state. Naturally, it may take longer for a frozen roast in an oven to reach doneness than a thawed roast would.

The roast can go right into the oven if you're really short on time, but searing it first will create a delicious crispy crust. Start by heating an ovenproof skillet coated with olive oil over high heat. Carefully lower the roast into the skillet, turning it every few minutes until all sides are browned. This process will probably cause quite a bit of oil to spatter, so wear long oven mitts and clear other people from the kitchen first.


Next, move the skillet to a 325 degree oven. Lightly cover the roast with foil and let it cook until the roast is about 10 degrees under your desired doneness; the temperature will continue to go up while the roast rests. How long it takes to get there depends on your oven and the size of the roast. From frozen, expect a sirloin roast to take 90 minutes to two hours or longer to cook completely.

Using a slow cooker

While it's certainly possible to cook a sirloin roast in a slow cooker, it's not safe to start with the meat still frozen. As its name describes, a slow cooker cooks food slowly at low heat over the course of many hours. Frozen sirloin will spend too much time thawing in a slow cooker, which allows bacteria to flourish.


So, if you're set on using a slower cooker to prepare your sirloin roast, the meat should be safely thawed first. Seal the roast in a leakproof plastic bag and submerge it in a large pot of cold water. Every 30 minutes, empty the pot and add more cold water. This thawing process could take up to three hours for a roast. Season the roast with salt, pepper, garlic and parsley after it's thawed.

The roast can dry out after a long time in a slow cooker, so first put down a layer of cubed carrots, onions and potatoes. Place the meat on top and pour in a few cups of beef broth or a few cups of water and a few beef bouillon cubes. Cook the roast on low heat for about eight hours.


Using an instant pot

Instant Pots have become popular with home chefs because of their many functions. The number of functions available means there are multiple ways to cook a sirloin roast.

If you're using your Instant Pot's slow cooking function, follow the slow cooker method. If you're going to experiment with the Instant Pot's pressure cooker function, start by searing the roast either in the pot or in a skillet to get that crispy crust. From here, follow the manufacturer's directions to cook the roast. How long it will need to cook depends on its weight, but plan on this taking about 90 minutes for a frozen roast.