How to Thaw Sushi-Grade Fish

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Things You'll Need

  • Frozen fish

  • Zip-lock bag

  • Warm water

  • Deep bowl


If you have made sushi and have leftover fish, one good way to store the fish for an extended period of time is to freeze it. Frozen fish often can taste just as good as fresh fish. Because fish for sushi is frequently served uncooked, the flavor of the raw fish could make or break the success of your dish. If thawed improperly, you could change the flavor of the fish, which might force you to throw it away and purchase more.


Step 1

Remove your frozen fish from the freezer.

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Step 2

Place the frozen fish inside of a zip-lock bag and seal it.

Step 3

Place the zip lock bag in your bowl.


Step 4

The kitchen sink is deep enough for a bowl.

Begin running water into the bowl. This water should only be slightly warmer than room temperature.

Step 5

Fill the bowl with water, pour out the water, and re-fill the bowl with warm water until the fish has thawed.


You may gently massage the frozen fish intermittently to check how it has thawed.



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