How to Make a Robber Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Black sweatpants

  • Striped shirt

  • Black sneakers

  • Over-sized black cotton hat (beanie)

  • Scissors

  • White or beige cotton pillowcase

  • Green fabric marker

  • Craft rope

Adding a fake handgun to the costume lends a more realistic touch.

Most of us are familiar with the stereotypical cartoon robber – you know, the one with the black mask, striped prison shirt and money bag with embroidered dollar sign. Fortunately, recreating this look for an upcoming Halloween or costume party is not only easy and fun, but can be cheaper than buying one from a retail outlet. A robber costume can be tailored to every age, sex and size, allowing any one of us to be the bad guy for a day.


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Step 1

Create a typical makeshift robber mask in the style of a balaclava or ski mask by first gathering your black beanie. Using your scissors, cut out two holes where the eyes should be, making them jagged and imperfect. Stretch the hat over your face to make sure you can see out of the holes.


Step 2

Create a money bag for the robber to carry while in his costume by first gathering your white or beige cotton pillowcase. Cut off the first few inches of the opening of the pillowcase to make the rectangular shape look more like a square. Draw the dollar sign onto the fabric with a green fabric marker, making it as bold as possible. Stuff the remaining pillowcase with scraps of newspaper or whatever paper you have available. Once the pillowcase looks adequately stuffed, tie off the end of it with a rope. Glue fake paper money onto the outside of the bag as if the money has flown out of the bag as the robber ran from the bank.


Step 3

Put on the black sweatpants, striped shirt and black shoes when ready to get dressed up. Stretch the beanie over your face just as before and hold onto the money bag throughout your time wearing the costume.


If you prefer to make the more old-fashioned burglar mask, draw two merged tear drop shapes onto a piece of black felt. Cut holes out in the middle of each shape for the eyes. Glue some black ribbon to either end of the mask and wrap the ribbons around the back of your head to secure the mask.

Try cutting the dollar sign from felt and gluing it the bag instead of drawing it for a cleaner look.

Make your own bag out of burlap instead of using a pillowcase for a tougher look.

Add more accessories like a fake pistol, black climbing rope and utility belt.