How to Attach Whiteboard Markers to a Board

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic pen clip

  • Hook-and-loop tape with adhesive backing

  • Scissors

Whiteboards have replaced chalkboards in many classrooms.

Whiteboards are often used in classrooms and dormitories as a cleaner replacement for chalkboards. When leaving messages or teaching a class, people use special dry-erase markers on these boards. These special markers easily wipe away without a trace. To prevent markers from getting lost or mixed up with other markers, or to encourage friends to write a message, many people attach one or more dry-erase markers to their personal whiteboard.


Step 1

Peel off the adhesive backing on your pen clip. If there is no adhesive backing, cut a piece of hook-and-loop tape, peel off its adhesive backing and stick it on your pen clip.

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Step 2

Stick your pen clip to the whiteboard. If your pen clip is self-adhesive, stick it directly to the board. If using hook-and-loop tape, cut off a matching piece of tape, peel off the adhesive backing and stick it on your whiteboard. Then, stick your pen clip to this piece of hook-and-loop tape.

Step 3

Place your marker in the pen clip.


If you don’t have any pen clips handy, you can stick a piece of hook-and-loop tape directly on your marker, stick another piece to your white board and attach the marker directly to this piece of tape.



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