How to Repair Rolled Roofing

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Things You'll Need

  • Cats claw nail remover

  • Hammer

  • Roofing tar

  • Wooden stick

Roofing materials come in many forms, such as felt paper. Felt paper that is used on a roof is typically called rolled roofing. This is because the material comes on a roll that is then rolled out on the roof. When rolled roofing gets damaged your roof will begin to leak. To fix these leaks, the rolled roofing will need to be replaced. However, you will need to obtain a roll of rolled roofing from your local home improvement store.


Step 1

Go up to the roof and locate the section of roller roofing that you will need to replace. Remove the nails that were used to secure the material to the roof with the cats claw nail remover.

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Step 2

Place the tip of the tool at the edge of the nail head. Tap the end of the tool with the hammer to force it up and under the nail head. Pull down on the tool to pull out the nail. Repeat this process for the other nails used to secure the material to the roof.

Step 3

Roll up the old rolled roofing material and toss it aside. Take the new roll of material up to the roof.

Step 4

Place the roll and the far end of the roof and then begin rolling it out. Slide the top edge of the material up under the existing rolled roofing.


Step 5

Apply roofing tar or cement to the backside of the rolled roofing. This will help to secure the material to the roof. Use a wooden stick to apply the roofing tar.

Step 6

Drive a nail around the perimeter of the roller roofing with the hammer about every 12 inches.

Step 7

Apply additional roofing tar to where the top edge of the material meets the existing material. This will help prevent leaks.


Overlapping the rolled roofing will prevent water from leaking where there is a seam.

Remove material that does not easily come off with a metal scraper.


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