How to Cut an Eye of Round Roast Into Steaks

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Things You'll Need

  • Eye of the round steak recipe

  • Sharp knife

Eye of the round can go into a variety of steak dishes.

The eye of the round is a versatile and flavorful boneless cut of meat that comes from the back of a cow's hind leg. It looks somewhat like beef tenderloin but is leaner and tougher. You can prepare it as a full roast or slice it into steaks. As the steaks are relatively small and lean, many people use them for stew and other combination dishes. They are also good braised but require tenderizing. Depending how thin you cut them, you can also put them on sandwiches. You can buy eye of the round steaks pre-sliced or cut them from a roast yourself.


Step 1

Select an eye of the round steak recipe to determine how thinly you should slice the meat.

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Step 2

Verify that your knife is sharp enough to cut through a relatively tough cut of meat. If you are cutting thin slices, you may prefer an electric knife to make the process easier and faster.


Step 3

Cut the roast across or against the grain into steaks of the desired thickness, holding it steady on a cutting board with one hand and holding the knife in the other hand. For safety, cut one steak at a time in a downward motion.


Always exercise caution and common sense when using a sharp blade. If you are using an electric knife, follow the manufacturer's instructions.


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