How to Extract Scent From Banana Peelings

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Things You'll Need

  • Paring knife

  • Plastic bag

  • Mallet

  • Sweet almond oil

  • 2 glass jars with lids

  • Cheesecloth

Bring the smell your love to homemade aromatics and body lotions.

Banana lovers will agree that makers of aromatics often do not use the scent of bananas in their products enough. But the sweet smell of bananas take us away to warm, sunny, tropical paradises. Capture the pure scent of bananas for addition to homemade products by making your own banana peel essential oil. Add rich, banana-scented oil to any number of items, including lotion, shampoo, soap, candles and potpourri.


Step 1

Cut fresh banana peels into small chunks. Place the chunks in a plastic bag. Gently hit the bag enough times with a mallet to bruise the banana peels.

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Step 2

Put the bruised chunks of peel in a glass jar and coat them with sweet almond oil. The almond oil will help draw out the oils in the banana peel. Place the lid tightly on the jar. Shake the jar then place it in a warm window sill for two days. Give the jar a shake periodically throughout the two days.

Step 3

Place a new batch of bruised chunks in the oil. Allow it to soak for two more days then strain the oil again, back into the first jar.

Step 4

Continue the process of soaking consecutive batches of banana peels in the same oil, alternating the jars, until the desired strength of banana aroma is achieved.


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