How to Flavor Plain Potato Chips

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Things You'll Need

  • Seasonings (your choice)

  • Spice grinder

  • Large bowl with tight-fitting lid

You can make a more cost-effective or flavorful chip than those sold at stores.

If you want flavored potato chips but don't want to ingest the salt that comes with most commercial brands, you can make your own. For most people, this involves making your own chips, because the seasonings will stick to the chip better when they are still wet with hot grease from the deep fryer. But many store-bought chips have enough residual grease to make the seasonings stick.


Step 1

Make a seasoning blend. Crab seasonings are popular potato chip additions, as are spice rubs for pork and beef barbecue. But these often come with lots of salt, and they aren't hard to make on your own. Salt is a flavor enhancer, and it might be difficult to make a good potato chip seasoning without it, but you can reduce the amount of salt in your recipe. Garlic powder, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and brown sugar are all components of spice rubs that barbecue pros use -- and they'll get you close to the flavors of crab seasoning, too. Other ingredients in such spice rubs could also include oregano, black pepper and bay leaves. Celery salt and onion powder are also good additions. Some people have also used powdered ranch dressing mix or dip mixes, which have a lot of salt. Whatever you choose, put your spices in a spice grinder, and blend them together.


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Step 2

Make potato chips. Slice potato chips thin. Place in a deep fryer or stove-top pot filled with canola or peanut oil. Scoop out when they are golden brown. You don't have to make potato chips to flavor plain ones, though. Let hot chips drain on a rack for a minute, or on paper towels.

Step 3

Put chips in bowl. Dust the chips with the seasoning, but don't use all of it. Put the lid on the bowl, and shake. Taste the chips. If the seasoning isn't strong enough, add more and shake again.



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