How to Keep Dog Hair From Sticking to a Wool Coat

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For many dog owners, cleaning up hair is a daily event. Dog fur is thin and comes to a point, which makes it stick between the fibers of clothing, from a cotton T-shirt to expensive wool coat. There are several methods that any dog lover can use to keep his wool coat free of dog fur that does not involve keeping the dog at a friend's house or shaving your furry friend.


Things You'll Need

  • Static-Cling Spray

  • Fabric Softener Sheets

  • Plastic Garment Bag

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Step 1

Bathe and brush the dog on a regular basis. This will keep hair from making its way onto the coat and other items in the home. The amount of bathing the dog will require will depend upon the breed. For instance, a long-haired golden retriever will require more frequent baths than a basset hound.


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Step 2

Store the coat in a closet that is kept closed and do not allow it to come in contact with the pet. A plastic garment bag also can be placed over the coat as an extra layer of protection.

Step 3

Spray the wool coat with clothing spray, such as Static Guard, that is designed to prevent static cling. The spray also will loosen the hair from the wool coat to more easily remove any that has made its way onto the surface.

Step 4

Rub the coat with a fabric softener sheet. This will repel the hair and leave behind a pleasant odor on the coat.



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