How to Ship Caramel Apples

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Things You'll Need

  • Cold shipping pack

  • Styrofoam box

  • 1/4-inch thick Styrofoam panels

  • Durable scissors

  • Ruler

  • Ribbon

  • Cellophane wrap

Send apples with a nut or candy coating to prevent sticking.

Nine different varieties of apples exist in the northern United States and they all taste even better covered with caramel. Caramel apples are traditionally sold during the fall and can include other toppings such as nuts, chocolate and sprinkles. Although caramel apples can remain fresh up to two weeks, many companies refuse to ship them during the summer and winter months due to the risk of spoiling. Shipping caramel apples of your own isn't difficult but does require a cold pack and proper protection during transit.


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Step 1

Wrap each caramel apple inside a small piece of cellophane and secure the plastic around the stick with a ribbon. Only ship caramel apples with nut or chocolate coating to prevent the caramel from sticking to the cellophane.

Step 2

Place a cold pack on the bottom of a styrofoam box. A cold shipping pack is specifically designed for mailing perishable goods and lasts much longer than a cold pack you would include in school lunch box. Do not use dry ice. Dry ice is only appropriate for shipping items that must remain frozen. Cold shipping packs are available at any major office or shipping store and will remain cold for up to three days after purchase. During shipping, the cold pack protects the apples from heated storage rooms, trucks and warmer climate destinations, which can all cause spoiling.


Step 3

Cut between four and six 1/4-inch thick Styrofoam panels to fit the length of the Styrofoam box. Insert the panels into the box, on top of the cold pack, with three to four inches of space between each panel. Measure the width between the lengthwise panels and cut additional strips of 1/4-inch thick Styrofoam that fits snuggly between the first four panels, creating several small compartments for each apple. The number of actual panels you will need depends on size of box and number of apples you are shipping.


Step 4

Insert the caramel apples into the styrofoam box, apple top down, with the sticks facing upward. Place an additional fitted panel over all the contents to prevent excessive movement during shipping.

Step 5

Tape the top of the styrofoam box and place it inside a larger cardboard box. Write the appropriate name and address on the outside of the cardboard box. Use priority or express shipping to prevent spoiling.


Do not attempt to ship your apples to or from Alaska or Hawaii unless both you and the recipient live in that state. The length of shipping time and extreme temperatures are likely to ruin your apples.


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