How to Print Gold Lettering on Black Card Stock

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White paper is a blank sheet that lets you print nearly any color of the rainbow on it. Printing isn't as easy, when you print on black card stock. The printer ink in your computer is dye-based and when you print, the dye adheres to the surface of the paper or card stock. It's nearly impossible to print shades of white on black paper, but it is possible to print lighter shades, including gold, on your black card stock for invitations and cards.


Step 1

Replace the current ink cartridge in your printer with one that prints with metallic ink. You can find metallic ink cartridges in both chrome or silver, and gold shades. The cartridges come in different styles, to fit different brands of home printers.

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Step 2

Navigate to the "Printer Preferences" to change the settings on your printer. Change the "Print Quality" to Best and the type of paper to "Specialty Paper" or "Card stock," depending on your printer. If the card stock is larger or smaller than a typical piece of paper, you need to adjust the size as well.


Step 3

Remove any existing paper from your printer. Insert the black card stock on the printer shelf or directly into the printer, depending on how your printer operates. Push the card stock into the printer until you feel it touch the inside, which guarantees that the printer will pull it through.


Step 4

Open the document you wish to print and check for any problems or make any changes you need. When you use a metallic ink cartridge, anything on the document, including images and text, will print in gold on the card stock.

Step 5

Click "Print Preview" and look at how the page will look when it prints. Make any changes you need to the paper, including changing the orientation for fliers or cards. Press "Print," and wait for the printer to cycle through and print the gold ink on the black card stock.


Consider going over some of the images or text on your card stock with a metallic pen. The ink in the pen really makes the gold pop out.



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