How Do I Troubleshoot an AquaLink OneTouch?

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Heat your pool to a comfortable temperature using the AquaTouch control panel.

Imagine coming home from a long day at work and relaxing in your private pool and spa set at the right temperature, perhaps with a waterfall feature. The AquaLink OneTouch allows you to control your pool and spa automatically by pressing a button. Founded in the early 1950s by the inventor of the automatic pool cleaner, Andrew Pansini, Jandy Industries became an international leader in the pool and spa industry, featuring products including AquaLink OneTouch. When problems arise, troubleshooting your AquaLink OneTouch will help save time and money in service calls.


Step 1

Activate the cleaner in pool mode if you see the message Cleaner Cannot Be Turned On While Spa Is On displayed on the AquaLink OneTouch control panel. This means you have water circulating to the spa because the pool cleaner is activated in spa mode. The spa deactivates the pool cleaner if the pool cleaner is on, which produces the controller message. Highlight "Spa" on the control panel and press "Select." Press the "Select" button again to turn the spa mode off. The system will default to pool mode.


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Step 2

Wait until the system returns to pool mode before selecting the spa spillover mode if you see the message Spillover Is Disabled While Spa Is On. This message displays after you select "Spillover" while in spa mode. Ensure you have the dip switch S2-3 set to "On" and the system is in pool mode to activate spillover. The spillover feature allows water from the pool to overflow into the adjacent spa, producing a waterfall effect. Highlight "Menu/Help" on the AquaLink OneTouch menu using the up and down arrow keys, and press the "Select" button at the bottom of the menu display. Highlight "System Setup," press "Select," highlight "AquaPure," press "Select," highlight "Mode," press "Select," highlight "Spillover," and then press "Select" again.


Step 3

Turn the controller switch to "Auto" mode if you see the message Timeout Mode Is Active or the message Service Mode Is Active, and then wait three hours until the mode becomes inactive. These messages mean that someone, such as a pool service technician, has locked out the controller from the power center, the electrical panel that controls the AquaLink OneTouch, so the controller will not operate. Timeout Mode and Service Mode become important when servicing the pool.


Step 4

Make certain the filter pump is turned on and the pool's water temperature is below the heater's temperature setting if you see the message Pool Heater Enabled. This means your pool heater appears ready to go, but it will not start. You must have the filter pump turned on to heat your pool or display the pool temperature. Turn on the filter pump by highlighting "Filter Pump" on the control panel and pressing "Select." Press the "Select" button to turn the filter pump on or off. You will see a green light, which means the heater is enabled. The light turns red when your pool heater starts heating. Locate the light on front right side of the control panel, below the Up/Down arrow keys.


Step 5

Contact a pool service person if you see a Sensor Shorted message. This error indicates that you have a malfunctioning sensor or the sensor was not correctly installed. If you see Air Sensor Shorted, your pool's freeze protection will not operate properly. If you see Water Sensor Shorted, this means your pool heater will not fire.


Call 800-822-7933 between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time if you need to speak to a Jandy technical support representative about your AquaLink OneTouch system.


Keep the water temperature under 104 degrees Fahrenheit; higher temperatures can be dangerous to your health. Pregnant women should not enter a hot tub or a spa over 100 degrees to avoid possible fetal damage.


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