How to Make a Bow for a Potted Plant

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Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Calculator (optional)

Tying up a potted plant with a decorative bow can make a dramatic change in its presentation. The color, fabric and design of the bow make a bold statement, but care must be used to match the bow to both the type of plant and its ultimate destination. Country plaid may be ideal for a down-home setting, while elegant silver and gold create a more formal effect. Selecting the appropriate ribbon is the first step in making a bow for your potted plant.


Step 1

Measure the distance around the pot at the point you wish to tie the bow. This allows you to judge the amount of ribbon you will need for the bow. Bows are typically tied just below the rim of the pot.

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Step 2

Measure the diameter of the plant pot. Multiple the diameter by 3 to determine how much ribbon the bow itself requires.


Step 3

Add the distance around the pot to this number. This represents the total amount of ribbon you need to tie a bow on your potted plant.

Step 4

Cut a section of ribbon to this length. Fold the ribbon in half to determine the center of the ribbon.


Step 5

Place the center of the ribbon at the back of your plant pot and bring both ends to the front of the pot. Loop the ends and pull snug.

Step 6

Form a loop that extends to the outer edge of the pot. Wrap the loose end of the ribbon around the loop as though you were tying your shoes. Tuck the end through the hole and pull the second loop through the hole.

Step 7

Adjust the two loops with your fingers and pull tight to tie the bow. Trim the ends on a 45-degree angle to complete the bow.


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