How to Draft an Invitation Letter for a Promotion Party

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A promotion at work calls for a celebration, and writing the invitation is one of the first steps.

A well-deserved promotion at work is certainly a cause for celebration, and you may wish to do so by throwing a party so your family and friends can share in your excitement. As with any special event, hosting a promotion party requires sending out invitations letting the invitees know all of the vital information about the event. Because you may be inviting fellow co-workers to your party, it is wise to use the traditional business letter format in your invitation, though the wording may be informal.


Step 1

Open with a salutation that greets the recipient in the same way you would address him in person, such as "Dear Mr. Jones" or "Dear Bill."

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Step 2

Explain that you would like to invite the recipient to attend a party you are hosting in celebration of a promotion. If you are throwing the party on behalf of the individual who received the promotion, mention his or her name here so the recipient understands who the guest of honor is.

Step 3

Write the date and time of the promotion party, and explain whether it will be formal or informal. Include any special instructions, such as whether black tie is optional or if the guests may bring anything, such as drinks or desserts.

Step 4

Thank the recipient for her time and indicate if there is an RSVP card enclosed, or how she may reach you to let you know whether she will be attending. End with a closing, such as "Best wishes," then sign your name.


Include your contact information, such as a phone number or email address, either beneath your name or on the RSVP card.

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