How to Make a Circle With Tape

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Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape

  • Scissors

Use colored duct tape for craft projects.

When most people think of art, they think of paintings and sculptures. But art isn't just made with paper, canvas and clay. Art is also made using simple resources, such as tape. Artists who use tape to create art make jewelry, action figures and even shoes. Each tape art piece begins with a frame consisting of a circle, square or rectangle. Creating these frames takes skill.


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Step 1

Cut a 10-inch strip of duct tape using scissors. Adhere the tape's exterior to the interior by twisting it from top to bottom with both hands. Once you have reached the bottom, adhere the top end to it to secure the circular frame.

Step 2

Snip two additional 10-inch strips of masking tape. Place the first strip of masking tape over the connected ends of the circle diagonally, to secure it. Continue wrapping the first strip of masking tape around the circular frame until it has finished.


Step 3

Wrap the second strip of masking tape, beginning from the end of the first strip, diagonally around the remaining unwrapped section of the circular frame. Cut any residual tape from the second strip with scissors, and coil the end around the frame to secure it.

Step 4

Mold the tape into the shape of a circle using both hands. Wrap your fingers through the inside of the circular frame, and spin it around while shaping it. Add another layer of tape if desired, repeating Steps 2 through 4.


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