How to Add Pages to a Spiral Bound Notebook

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There is no quick way to add pages to a spiral notebook.

Spiral notebooks are great for taking notes in school, or for composing poetry or diaries. Sometimes it may be necessary to add pages to keep all the pertinent information together. It's not difficult to add pages to a spiral-bound notebook, but it may take some time if you have to unravel the coils yourself.


Step 1

Uncoil the spirals in the notebook with your hand. Start at the top or bottom, then uncoil the spirals hole at a time, removing the coil from each individual hole.

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Step 2

Push the top or bottom coil through each hole until it release the pages. Do this for each hole in the spiral notebook.

Step 3

Punch holes in the pages you want to add and put them in with the stack of other papers, including the front and back cover. Be sure that all the papers are right-side up so you won't have to uncoil them again.

Step 4

Push the top of the coil into the bottom hole and manipulate it by twisting the coil around into the next hole position until the coiling is complete.

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