How to Install a Leviton Three-Way Light Switch

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Voltmeter

Three-way switches operate lights and other fixtures from two different locations.

Leviton is one of the top producers of wiring devices. The company makes a quality three-way switch that is reliable. The difference between a single-pole, single-throw light switch and a three-way switch, which is a single-pole double-throw switch, is that you can control an electrical device, such as a light in a hall, from two different locations. Installing a Leviton three-way light switch is fairly easy and requires only basic tools.


Step 1

Turn off the breaker. Check that there is no voltage present by testing with a voltmeter. Installing a replacement switch is a matter of replacing the color-coded wires as you take them off. If it is the power switch (the number one switch), there will be a black, white and a ground wire coming from the power side. The ground wire will be either bare or have green insulation.

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Step 2

Connect the black power wire to the black terminal. There is a second set of wires that runs between the first and second switch, including red, black, white and ground wires. Connect the white wires between the first and second switches with a wire nut. Connect the red and black wires leading to the second switch to the brass terminals, using a screwdriver. Twist the ground wires together and secure them to the green screw on the switch base.


Step 3

Install the second three-way switch in a similar manner as installing the first switch. The second switch has three wires, with ground coming from the first switch, and two wires with ground leading to the light fixture. Connect red and black wires from the first switch to the brass terminals on the second switch. Connect the white common wire from the first switch to the common wire leading to the light, using a wire nut. Connect the black wire leading to the light to the black terminal on the second switch. Twist the ground wires together and secure to the green screw on the second switch.

Step 4

Turn the power on and check the operation of the unit.


Leviton offers a 15- or 20-amp switch. The 20-amp switch will be more durable and last longer.


When working on electrical components, always turn the power off and tag the breaker with a note so that it will not be inadvertently turned on.


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