How to Make Candles Stay in Candlesticks

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Keep the candles firmly in the candleholder.

When you put your candles in the candlestick you want them to stand up straight, firmly held in place without wobbling, so you can light your candle without worrying about the candle falling out of the holder and starting a fire. Some candles fit easily in the candlestick with never a jiggle and stay in place without any additional fuss. Yet, even if you are using the correct candle size for your candlestick, sometimes the candle simply doesn't stay in place. When this happens, give the bottom of the candle a little cushion.


Step 1

Pull off a length of sticky tape, slightly longer than the diameter of the candle. Use tape that is no wider than the depth of the candlestick opening.

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Step 2

Wrap the tape around the bottom end of the candle (the part that goes into the candlestick opening) with the sticky side of the tape out instead of in. This will put the sticky portion of the tape on the outside of the candle. You can also use double-sided sticky tape.

Step 3

Insert the candle in the candleholder. If the candle is still too loose, add more tape.


If you don’t have any tape, wrap a little piece of aluminum foil around the bottom of the candle. Use just enough to make the candle fit snugly in the candleholder, without any of the foil showing.

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