How to Get Recycling Bins for Free

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or phone

  • 20 gallon plastic or metal container

  • Label

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Getting a recycling bin for free makes it that much easier for those who wish to put their household recycling materials to good use. In order to get a free recycling bin, contact your city. If your city does not offer free recycling bins to members of your community, create your own free recycling bin with an unused container from your home that qualifies.

Step 1

Contact your city government.
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Contact your local city government. Do so via email or phone. Ask if they offer free recycling bins in your community. If your area has a recycling program set in place, it is likely that there are free recycling bins available, one for each household.

Step 2

Recycling center.
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Visit your local distribution center or the specific location you are directed to if your city offers recycling bins.

Step 3

Recycling bin.
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Pick up and take home your free recycling bin.

Step 4

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Search your home for any unwanted or unused sturdy plastic or metal containers. Look for one or more that hold 20 gallons or less. This will be a free recycling bin to place at your curbside if your city does not offer free recycling bins. Properly label the outside of your container with "Recycling" or a city-issued recycling label.