How to Drop Bromine Levels in Pools

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Things You'll Need

  • Filter with backwash setting

  • Water hose

Drop the levels or bromine in your pool water.

Due to the body oils and other contaminants constantly put into a swimming pool, the water requires regular sanitation from specialized chemicals. Bromine acts as a sanitizer in pool water, killing bacteria, body oils and other forms of contaminants. A bromine level that is too high, though, is not desirable. Dropping the bromine level of pool water requires the halting of all bromine application to the pool, as well as partial draining of the pool water.


Step 1

Remove any floating bromine dispensers from the pool. Shut off and disconnect any automatic bromine feeders connected to the pool plumbing.

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Step 2

Stop any regular bromine applications to the pool water. The remaining bromine will slowly diminish.

Step 3

Backwash the pool's filter system. Backwashing cleans the filter media and runs water out of the pool.

Step 4

Fill the pool with fresh water until the water line resides at a normal level. Partially draining the pool and adding fresh water dilutes the bromine level in the pool.


Test your bromine level regularly and do not add other sanitizing chemicals to the pool unless no bromine is read.


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