How to Create Your Own Free Scratch Cards

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Things You'll Need

  • Cereal box

  • Paint

  • Tape or contact paper

  • Wax

  • Paintbrushes

You can use crayons to make a scratchable film for your cards.

Scratch cards are a simple-to-do craft that can make for fun cards or unique gifts. You can even make your own lottery tickets with prizes for birthday parties or other events. Scratch cards can be made out of a variety of cheap or free materials and are ideal for using up already existing recyclable supplies you may have around your home.


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Step 1

Print your design onto card stock. To do this for free you may be able to use something like a thinner cereal box cut into the standard 8 by 11 size, then passed through your printer. You can also paint the card stock or simply use a card that already has something cute printed or written on it.


Step 2

Cover your design with contact paper or clear tape. Clear nail polish or paint lacquer are also acceptable alternatives, but if you use either of the alternatives, you must wait until the card is completely dry before continuing to the next step.

Step 3

Use paint or wax to create the scratch-off panel. There is a specialty scratch-off paint that can be bought in most craft stores, but you can also use normal acrylic paint. Just make sure to paint in a fine layer and avoid diluting the paint with water, which can cause it to bead. Another alternative is to carefully soften a wax crayon by heating it and rub the wax onto the card until it develops a layer. You can heat the wax into a flat layer by putting it in the microwaves for four to five seconds.

Step 4

Wait for the paint or wax to completely dry or harden before using the cards as scratchers.