How to Line a Gift Basket

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Things You'll Need

  • Basket

  • Tape measure

  • Tissue paper

  • Fabric

Use a gift basket to arrange several small gift items.

Sure, it's easy to toss a few odds and ends into a gift bag and scrunch some tissue paper on top, but this presentation looks sloppy and thoughtless. To show someone you put some effort into her gift, use a basket instead. Buy a wicker basket or use an unexpected vessel like a ceramic bowl or a clay pot. If you line the basket carefully, the gift will look like it came from an expensive boutique instead of your own kitchen.


Step 1

Measure the basket. Run a tape measure across the widest part of the basket. Push the tape measure down the sides and across the bottom so you know just how much lining you need. Add four inches to the measurement so you will have two extra inches of lining.

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Step 2

Choose your lining material. Use either tissue paper or fabric. Tissue paper is more affordable, while fabric makes the basket look more elegant. Look in a craft store for fabric remnants, which may be much cheaper than buying fabric off of a bolt. You can also buy individual fabric napkins if they are large enough. Buy two to three different colors. You can use three different shades of the same color or choose colors that complement each other. If you can't find any single pieces of material that are large enough to line the basket, buy four or five pieces of fabric or paper so you'll have enough.


Step 3

Stack the lining. Lay down one piece of paper or fabric on a table. Place the next sheet on top of it on an angle. Continue stacking the lining, tilting each new piece on an angle. You should have a pile that looks like a star with many corners. If you're using fabric, three layers is enough since the fabric is thick. For tissue paper, use three to six sheets. If your paper isn't large enough to fit the basket, overlap each piece to make a larger surface.


Step 4

Pick up the pile and center it inside the basket. If you used fabric, there may be a few inches of extra fabric that drapes over the edge of the basket. If you used tissue paper, rub some of the corners between your fingers. This will crumple them slightly so they will stand up rather than flopping over the basket edge.


Step 5

Shred some tissue paper in a paper shredder or rip it into strips. Fill the inside of the basket with the shredded paper, then make an indentation in the paper just large enough to fit each object. You can use this method in addition to the paper or fabric lining or on its own. This step is not necessary if you're placing large items in the basket, but it keep small items from moving around.



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