Spray Tie-Dye Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Bucket

  • Spray bottles

  • Liquid fabric dye

You can make any number of cool designs when you tie-dye a T-shirt.

Plain white T-shirts can be transformed into more colorful attire by tie-dying them into beautiful rainbow shades. There are many different ways to tie-dye shirts, including tying the shirts with rubber bands and submerging them into a dye bath, squeezing fabric dye onto scrunched-up shirts or twisting the shirts into a spiral and spraying on fabric dye. You can use the spray tie-dye method by following a few necessary guidelines.


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Step 1

Fill a bucket with water.

Step 2

Put a T-shirt into the water, and allow it to soak there until it is saturated.

Step 3

Squeeze out the excess water, and lay the shirt flat.


Step 4

Pinch the middle of the shirt, and twist the entire shirt up into a spiral.

Step 5

Fill spray bottles with liquid fabric dye. Use as many different spray bottles as you want colors.

Step 6

Spray the dye onto the wet shirt, covering the area with the different colors in the pattern that you prefer.


Step 7

Flip the shirt over, making sure to maintain the spiral, and spray the other side of the shirt.

Step 8

Allow the shirt to sit for five minutes.

Step 9

Flatten out the shirt in a sunny location until it dries.

Step 10

Wash and dry the shirt by itself before wearing it.