Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather work gloves

  • Properly sized round file

  • Screwdriver

  • Chain specifications

Keep your chain saw cutting properly by using a bar-mount sharpener to sharpen your chain.

The Granberg bar-mount chain saw chain sharpener allows you to place the sharpener onto the bar and slide the file across. These sharpeners keep the angle and depth of the file steady so all you need to do is push. This takes a lot of the complexity out of sharpening a dull chain. Each chain, though, has different sharpening specifications, which you will still need to use this chain sharpener. These specifications can be found on the box your chain came in or in your chain saw's operator's manual.


Step 1

Turn your chain saw off and allow the bar and chain to cool for about 10 minutes before sharpening them.

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Step 2

Find the master chain on your chain, which is usually marked by a yellow or blue neon dot. If you cannot find the master chain, find the tooth with the most severe damage and start with that tooth.


Step 3

Insert the file through the file hole on the Granberg bar-mount sharpener. Lock the file in place by closing the lever on the end of the sharpener.

Step 4

Place the sharpener over the master tooth or the tooth you will sharpen first. Make sure the sharpener's handle is angled the same way as the tooth, which should form an acute angle with the bar.


Step 5

Tighten the clamping screw with the screwdriver so the sharpener is secured to the bar. Set the angle of the file by loosening the wing nut on top of the sharpener. Spin the file to the angle required for your chain. Tighten the wing nut to lock it in place.

Step 6

Push the file's hand across the length of the tooth. Pull the handle back and repeat. Continue sharpening until the tooth is free of nicks, burrs or dents. Count the number of strokes used to sharpen the first tooth.


Step 7

Lift the file out of the tooth. Slide the chain up to the next tooth that is angled the same as the first. Set the file back down and push it across the second tooth. Use the same number of strokes.

Step 8

Repeat the process for every tooth on the same side. Unscrew the bar-mount sharpener. Spin it around and repeat the same process for the teeth angled in the opposite direction.


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