How to Change a Unican Simplex Lock Combination

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Things You'll Need

  • Torx bit supplied with door lock

  • Metal pick supplied with door lock

Simplex Unican door locks use push button combination lock mechanisms to secure doors. Adding Simplex Unican locks to your doors eliminates the need to carry keys, reducing the risk of loss, misplacement and theft. Change the lock combination regularly to ensure added security, reducing the risk of compromising the combination. There is no need to hire a locksmith to reset the combination. Adjust it yourself in minutes.


Step 1

Open the door. Remove the screw from the top of the lock housing with the Torx bit provided with your lock.

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Step 2

Turn the doorknob clockwise until it stops, then release it. Input the current combination. Slide the pick supplied with the lock into the hole where you removed the screw on the top of the lock. Press down on the slide in the lock mechanism until you feel it click. Remove the pick.


Step 3

Turn the doorknob clockwise as far as it will turn then release it. Input the new combination. Turn the doorknob clockwise. Hold it and make sure that the door latch retracts completely. Release the doorknob then turn it clockwise one more time. Check the latch to be sure it does not retract this time.

Step 4

Replace the screw in the top of the lock housing. Tighten the screw with the Torx bit.


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