How to Change the Combination on a 175 Master Lock

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The Master Lock model 175 combination lock is designed to secure gates, fences, and other doors and entrances that may require a high security lock. The Master Lock 175 is unlocked using a personal combination. You can use a special key, included with the purchase of the lock, to change the combination.


Step 1

Set the wheels on the bottom of the Master Lock 175 combination lock, to the current combination. If no combination has yet been set, rotate each wheel to "0."

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Step 2

Unshackle the lock. Insert the special key into the keyhole in the side of the Master Lock 175 combination lock, and push the key all the way in.

Step 3

Turn the key 90 degrees in either direction. Leave the key in place.

Step 4

Set the wheels to the desired combination. If writing down the new combination, place the written combination in a secure place.


Step 5

Turn the key back to its original position, 90 degrees from its current position. Remove the key.

Step 6

Shackle the Master Lock 175 combination lock. Scramble the new combination.

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