My Scissor Lift Won't Go Down

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A scissor lift is sometimes referred to as a table lift. These lifting mechanisms have been in use for many years in the industrial sector and are now common sights in supermarkets and other retail outlets. Because they allow access to a greater height than is reachable by hand, many small businesses are also turning to scissor lifts as useful tools for everyday work. The most common problem is that the lift suddenly refuses to move.


Step 1

Check the power supply to the lift including cables, the actual power switch and all the fuses. If the list is stationary and is silent, then there is no power getting through to the lift mechanism.

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Step 2

Using a voltage meter to check the power in the motor; motors do not last forever and the motor could have failed.


Step 3

Close the flow control valve by turning it in a clockwise direction a few times. Test this by pressing the Up button for a few seconds and then pressing Down. Listen carefully. If there is a clicking noise, then the velocity fuse is locked.

Step 4

Check the continuity of the coil. If the coil is not working, there could be a problem with the solenoid.


Caution should always be taken when working on a scissor lift that is in the upright position, as the lift could suddenly descend. Regular maintenance is always advised and electrical parts should be checked by a qualified electrician.



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