How to Air Condition a Warehouse

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Things You'll Need

  • Air Conditioners

  • Humidifiers

  • Draft Stoppers

You can control a warehouse's temperature with air conditioning.

There are many options when considering air conditioning a warehouse. Depending on what your needs are, you can lower the temperature of the entire warehouse, or individual work spaces to help your employees enjoy a more tolerable work environment. Temperature, humidity, and drafts are all things to take into consideration when attempting to make a warehouse environment pleasant for employees. Warehouse environments are subject to abrupt temperature changes because of the material the walls are made of.


Step 1

Lower the temperature in the warehouse. This can be accomplished by installing industrial size air conditioners. Installing an air conditioning system is the most certain technique of cooling a warehouse, but it is also the most expensive. Separate air conditioning units can be bought to cool down individual work spaces. Cooling work spaces separately is a cheaper alternative to industrial sized air conditioners, and it keeps the remainder of the warehouse at a room temperature if you have temperature-sensitive merchandise located there.


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Step 2

Heighten humidity levels. Humidity levels cling onto the temperature in its environment, and make temperatures more extreme. For instance, if a room is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and humid, it may feel as if it were 20 degrees Fahrenheit, while a room at 65 degrees and humid will feel at a comfortable 75 degrees. Strategically placing humidifiers in the warehouse can help sustain temperatures. Humidifiers will also help in dusty warehouse environments to prevent against sneezing and nosebleeds.


Step 3

Insulate entries to the warehouse. This can be accomplished by covering possible windows, and doorways to the warehouse. Purchase doorway draft stoppers for all doors, and windows. Doorway draft stoppers are rubber linings that attach to the bottom of all the doors in the warehouse to stop drafts from entering beneath the doors. This will keep the temperature inside the warehouse as regular as possible. Air currents can also give the warehouse employees chills, which can slow down productivity while making your warehouse an undesirable work environment.


Make sure that employees are properly hydrated. Hydrated employees will hold temperatures better than those who do not drink enough water.


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