How to Cook on Traeger Grills

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Traeger pellet grills allow you the luxury of using wood fuel to cook in a convenient grill setting. The results are wood smoked food without the guesswork of cooking over an open fire, but with all of the conveniences of a grill, such as grease traps, drains and easy to clean grill racks. Cooking on a Traeger grill takes some adjustment if you have never attempted it before because the preparation and behavior of the wood fuel is different from charcoal or gas.


Step 1

Turn the controls to the "Off" position and make sure the grill is on a level surface. Plug the power cord into a working power outlet.


Step 2

Open the grill door and remove the grill rack, drain pan and grease baffle.


Step 3

Open the pellet hopper lid and check to make sure that the auger has no debris clogs. Turn the power on and confirm that the auger is turning, the hot rod is heating and the draft inducer fan is blowing. Turn the grill off.

Step 4

Fill the pellet hopper with Traeger grill pellets and prime the auger. Set the temperature control to high and turn on the power. When pellets begin to fall into the firepot, turn the power off again.


Step 5

Turn the power back on and set the temperature control to "Smoke" until you see flames coming out of the firepot. Turn the power off and allow the grill to cool down. Replace the grease baffle, drain pan and grill rack -- the grill is now primed for use.

Step 6

Open the grill door and turn the power on. Set the temperature control to "Smoke." Monitor the pellets until they are evenly ignited. Once the pellets have ignited evenly, adjust the temperature control to your desired cooking temperature and close the door. Allow the grill to preheat with the door closed for 10 minutes before adding your food.

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