How to Repair a Graco XR9

Troubleshooting the Graco Magnum XR9 can be done in a few simple steps.
Troubleshooting the Graco Magnum XR9 can be done in a few simple steps. (Image: a man painting door image by L. Shat from

If you are like most, you may not have the time or the talent to spend the time painting your home or things in and around your home. The Graco, Inc. Magnum XR9 airless sprayer, model No. 232750, is the product of choice for many contract painters who need to paint small and medium jobs several times a month. It can operate with 100-percent acrylics and is useful for even very heavy coatings. Graco, Inc. notes that it is 23-percent more powerful than the Magnum XR7. If the device malfunctions, troubleshooting and repair are not complicated. Many times, the cause of the problem is the pump.

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How to Check the Pressure of the Pump

If the pump cycles but does not build up pressure, there could be several causes. The first is that the pump may not be primed. To fix, prime the pump. If this does not solve the problem, you may request a pump repair kit, No. 243229, which consists of a control board. Graco's customer service can be reached by dialing 1-800-690-2894. Graco has a two-year warranty for the Magnum XR9 from the date of purchase.

Check the motor. The motor or control may be damaged. If the motor does not operate, ensure the power switch is on and the sprayer is plugged in. If the motor is still not working, paint may be frozen or hardened in the pump. Unplug the unit. If paint is frozen, do not start the unit until the paint has had a chance to thaw. Failure to do this may permanently damage the motor. After thawed, turn off the power switch. Place the sprayer in warm water for several hours. Then, plug in the unit and turn it on. Slowly increase the pressure until the motor starts. If the paint is hardened, replace the pump packings and remove all residue from the valves.

Check the electrical outlet. It may not be providing power. The circuit breaker may need to be reset. If this does not fix the problem, check the extension cord for damage. If it is damaged, contact your local dealer for a replacement cord.

Check if the sprayer's electric cord is damaged. Any broken insulation or wires can be replaced by getting a new electric cord.

How to Fix a Pump that Will Not Prime

Observe if the spray-prime drain/valve is in the "Spray" position. If it is, you will need to change the spray-prime drain/valve position to the "Prime/Drain" position, pointing downward.

Check that the inlet screen is not clogged and that the suction tube is immersed. If a clog is present, clean the debris off the inlet screen and make sure the suction tube is at the bottom of the paint pail.

Check to see if the balls in the check valves are stuck or if the check valves are damaged. If the balls are stuck, clean or replace the check valves. Do not place the check valves in water. If further help is needed, call customer service for a pump repair kit, No. 243229.

Inspect the suction tube. Sometimes, the suction tube may be leaking. If this is the case, tighten the suction tube connection and check for cracks or leaks.

Check to see if the spray gun has ceased spraying. A clog may be present in the sprayer and can be unclogged. More information on unclogging a spray tip can be found in the operations manual, No. 309226L.


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