How to Build a Raffle Ticket Cage

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Things You'll Need

  • Plywood

  • Hand saw or circular saw

  • Staple gun

  • Chicken wire

  • Duct tape

  • Wooden dowel

  • Wire cutters

Raffles can be inexpensive fundraisers for organizations.

Many organizations find that sponsoring a raffle is an effective way to raise money. Prizes are donated, and the only cost is purchasing the raffle tickets and building the raffle drum, which ensures fairness. Before gathering supplies to make a raffle drum, however, check the state's raffle laws for charities. Some states consider raffles the same as lotteries and have made raffles illegal. Other states require organizations to complete an application for a raffle license and require a fee to obtain such a license.


Step 1

Lay one piece of plywood on a work bench or table. Set a plastic bucket upside down in the center. Trace around the bucket using a pencil. Repeat the same steps with a second piece of plywood.

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Step 2

Cut each of the circles using a hand-held or circular saw. Drill a one-half to one-inch hole in the center of each circle using a power drill. To find the center, stretch a measuring tape across the center of the circle. Divide the width in half.


Step 3

Attach chicken wire around the edges of the first circle using a staple gun. Attach the second circle to the top of the cylinder using a staple gun, forming the raffle cage.

Step 4

Cut a square in the chicken wire using wire cutters, forming the door to the raffle cage. The opening should be at least 10 inches wide. Set aside the cut piece. Place duct tape along the edges of the hole.


Step 5

Place the cage door next to the cut hole. Secure the left side of the door with small pieces of wire to the chicken wire. This will form the hinges to the door Cut any excess wire using wire cutters.

Step 6

Build two support arms for the raffle ticket cage out of plywood. Each arm should have a notch in it to fit a wooden dowel. Insert the dowel into the raffle ticket cage through the holes in both of the circles. Place it on the two support bars.


The height of the support arms for the cage depends on personal preference.

Wear safety goggle before operating the saw or power drill.


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