How to Recharge an Eva Dry

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Things You'll Need

  • Eva-Dry dehumidifier

  • Well-ventilated room

  • Electrical outlet

Eva-Dry is a portable mini dehumidifier that uses Silica crystals to absorb moisture in the air. The appliance has an indicator window that appears blue when the unit is dry. The Eva-Dry needs to be recharged (the company uses the term "renewed") when the window has turned completely pink. How often the dehumidifier needs to be renewed depends on the model and how humid the area is that you're trying to keep dry; the appliances typically needs to be renewed every 20 to 60 days.


Renewing an Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier

Step 1

Check that the Eva-Dry's indicator window is completely pink.

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Step 2

Select a room that's well-ventilated where you can release the moisture from the Eva-Dry. For example, a kitchen or a bathroom with an exhaust fan or an outside porch are good places to empty the dehumidifier.


Step 3

Plug the Eva-Dry into an electrical outlet. (If you are using the EH-500F model, remove the fragrance insert before plugging it in.)

Step 4

Leave the dehumidifier plugged in for 10 hours if you're using the E-333 model. If the Eva-Dry is the E-500 or EH-500F model, leave it plugged in for 12 hours.


Step 5

Check to see if the indicator window is completely blue.

Step 6

Unplug the dehumidifier if the indicator window is blue, replace the fragrance insert if necessary and place the unit back in the room that needs to be kept dry. If the window hasn't completely turned blue, go to Step 7.


Step 7

Leave the appliance plugged in for another two hours.

Step 8

Recheck the indicator window. It should now be completely blue.

Step 9

Unplug the Eva-Dry, replace the fragrance insert if necessary and put the appliance back in the room that needs to be kept dry.


You might see condensation accumulate in the indicator window during the renewing process. This is normal.

The Eva-Dry may become warm while it's renewing itself.


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