How to Make a Hose Reel Out of a Tire Rim

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 3-inch galvanized floor flanges, 4-hole

  • 4 bolts, 3/8 inch

  • 3-inch galvanized pipe, threaded at each end, 6 inches long

  • Used tire rim

  • Pipe wrench

  • Power drill

  • 3/8 inch socket wrench

Hoses can easily become a tangled, mangled mess.

Hoses left unattended can become a twisted, tangled mess. Hose reels are one solution to keeping hoses neat and organized. While there are manufactured hose reels available on the market, a simple hose reel can be fabricated out of an old tire rim using a few simple components that can be found at a local hardware store. Recycling an old tire rim for a hose reel is an economical and environmental solution to storing hoses.


Step 1

Place a three inch flange on the wall or part of a structure where the hose reel will be attached. Make a mark of screw hole locations.

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Step 2

Drill holes for 3/8 inch bolts using a power drill.

Step 3

Attach the three inch flange. Mount a three-inch flange on the mounting surface using 3/8 inch bolts. Tighten the bolts with a power drill or with a 3/8 inch socket wrench.

Step 4

Screw one end of the three-inch galvanized pipe into the attached flange. Tighten the pipe using a pipe wrench.


Step 5

Place the used rim on the galvanized pipe with the pipe going through the hole in the center of the rim.

Step 6

Attach the three-inch flange to the end of the galvanized pipe. The flange on this end of the pipe is to keep the rim from sliding off the pipe.


To prevent abrasion, apply a piece of rigid plastic or sheet of smooth material behind the mounting surface of the tire rim. Apply a thin amount of axle grease to the galvanized pipe.


Be careful that the mounting surface is strong enough to support hose reel. If tightening 3/8 inch bolts with power drill, be careful not to over-torque bolts so as not to strip-out bolt holes.


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