How to Organize Events for Singles

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Things You'll Need

  • Board games

  • Name tags

  • Party food

  • Pens and paper

A singles event should include lots of "ice breakers."

Organizing a singles event takes a bit more strategy than most get-togethers. The goal of such an event is to help people meet someone new, and to give everyone a chance to talk and connect meaningfully with other singles. Singles events should include interactive activities that facilitate conversation, as well as a balanced crowd of men and women.


Step 1

Plan for the event to occur in the middle of the week. This way, if some singles connect at your party, they will have the weekend free to plan a date.

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Step 2

Invite an equal number of single men and women. Whether you send invitations online or on paper, encourage everyone to R.S.V.P. Invite additional people as necessary.


Step 3

Play upbeat music at a low volume to keep spirits up without drowning out conversation.

Step 4

Decorate the party venue with lots of conversation pieces, e.g. artwork, fun toys and picture books.


Step 5

Strategically lay out paper and pens around the party room so that singles will be able to exchange contact information.

Step 6

Write name tags for each of your guests and have them wear the tags during the party.


Step 7

Greet each guest as he/she arrives, and introduce him/her to a few people you think he/she would like.

Step 8

Set up a few games that facilitate intellectual and/or physical interaction, such as Risk, Twister, Monopoly and Scrabble. Avoid video games, since players will stare at a screen rather than look at other players.


Step 9

Set up some interactive food, such as make-your-own tacos, sundaes, and so on. In addition, place trays of food all around the room. This will provide conversation fodder for your guests.


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