How to Change the Battery on a Coast LED Lenser

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When your Coast LED Lenser flashlight no longer turns on, it's time to replace the batteries. Depending on the model of Lenser flashlight you own, you will need from one to four AA or AAA batteries. The batteries can power the flashlight for up to 64 hours before needing to be replaced. Unlike traditional flashlights, an LED flashlight features an LED light bulb, which provides a brighter light and is longer lasting.


Step 1

Twist the top half of the Coast LED Lenser flashlight until it detaches from the handle.

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Step 2

Tilt the handle to remove the battery or batteries from the housing unit.

Step 3

Insert the new batteries into the handle with the negative (-) side of the battery facing downward.

Step 4

Reconnect the top half of the flashlight by screwing it back onto the handle.

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