How to Plant Bismarck Palm Seeds

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Things You'll Need

  • Container

  • Paper towel

  • Plant pot

  • Sand

  • Peat moss

The Bismarck palm is a palm native to Madagascar, where it will reach heights between 45 and 70 feet. Its spiny leaves can reach lengths of 10 feet or more, making it an extremely large plant to add to your landscaping. As a drought-tolerant plant, it tends to grow more in arid climates as found in U.S. Department of Agriculture growing zones 10 through 11. Propagate this palm from seeds collected from the overripe brown fruits.


Step 1

Remove the seeds from the excess pulpy fruit matter surrounding them and soak them in a container of water for three days to allow the pulp to deteriorate and to also to simulate the rainy season of their natural habitat.

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Step 2

Wash the seeds in warm water and rub them between your fingers until no pulp is on the surface of the seeds. Dry them on a paper towel.


Step 3

Fill a plant pot with equal parts of sand and dampened peat moss. Bury the seeds under 1/2 inch of soil and place them 6 inches apart or in separate growing containers.

Step 4

Water the newly planted seeds until the water drains from the bottom of the container, keeping the seeds moist until they sprout.


Step 5

Place the containers in a warm, sunny window or garden spot for about six weeks where they will stay at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or more until they germinate.

Step 6

Transplant the Bismarck palm seedlings to a permanent location when they are 6 inches tall. Find a spot where they can get full sun to partial shade and set them into the ground at the same depth they were in the container. Plant them in sandy soil and water the seedlings for several weeks after planting with a cup of water for each plant each week.


Be careful of the taproot when transplanting. The Bismarck palm does not need fertilizer if grown in the ground.



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