How to Determine the Amount of Cedar Oil

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Cedar oil can be used to get rid of unwanted pests.

Cedar oil is extracted from many varieties of cedar trees and is often used as a pest control due to its ability to get rid of everything from crickets to flies and fleas. It can be used inside the home on most plants and near animals without worry. Depending on the pest you're attempting to get rid of, you will need to dilute the cedar oil with a specific amount of water.


Step 1

Combine cedar oil with water to dilute it.

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Mix 1.3 percent cedar oil with 98.7 percent water to get rid of tiny insects such as flees, gnats, flies, fleas and silverfish.

Mix 3.1 percent cedar oil with 96.9 percent water to get rid of fire brats.


Mix 5.5 percent cedar oil with 94.5 percent water to get rid of small insects such as spiders, beetles, moths and fruit flies.

Mix 6 percent cedar oil with 94 percent water to get rid of fire ants.


Mix 8.3 percent cedar oil with 91.7 percent water to get rid of crickets and grasshoppers.

Step 2

Calculate the amount of cedar oil you need to add to the water, using the percentages above. The easiest way is by using ounces. For example: 1.3 percent cedar oil and 98.7 percent water is equal to 0.13 oz. cedar oil and 9.87 oz. water. Use a small digital scale to get exact measurements.


For larger areas, such as an entire house or garden, you may choose to multiply the measurements by 10 and do 1.3 oz. cedar oil and 98.7 oz. water. You can multiply further for larger areas, as long as you keep the proportions the same.

Step 3

Spray the infested area liberally using a spray bottle. Cedar oil is not harmful to plants, animals or humans, nor will it leave an oily residue.



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