How to Hang Things on a Stone Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Electric drill

  • 3/16-inch masonry bit

  • 3/16-inch plastic wall anchor

  • Stonewall hanging hook

  • Screw

The joints between stone walls are easier to penetrate.

Hanging things on a stone wall can seem difficult because you cannot just insert a nail like you can in wood or drywall. More steps are involved, and you will need a specific kind of drill bit. Anchors inserted into the holes will keep your hanging hooks secure in the pilot holes. Proper installation of anchors and hanging hooks will allow you to hang pictures, art and other decorations on a stone wall.


Step 1

Select a location on the wall for hanging your object. If the stone is in tile form, select a spot between two tiles. The grout or mortar is easier to penetrate with a drill bit and will look less obvious if you ever remove the wall hanging.

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Step 2

Insert a 3/16-inch masonry bit into your electric drill. Drill a 2-inch pilot hole in the spot you selected. Masonry bits are designed to make holes in stone.


Step 3

Insert the plastic wall anchor into the pilot hole. You can also use a metal wall anchor, if the hanging hook comes with one.

Step 4

Position the hanging hook over the anchor so the hole in the hanging hook is over the pilot hole in the wall. Insert a screw through the hole in the hanging hook and into the anchor as far as it will go, then use the electric drill to secure it so it is flush against the surface of the hanging hook.

Step 5

Repeat with another hanging hook if your object needs more support. Hang the object on the hook or hooks.



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