How to Declutter Lists

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Use a list to declutter areas in your house, such as a closet.

Decluttering your home is one of the easiest ways to update and change its look and feel. Reducing the clutter can be an overwhelming task. If you are planning to declutter your whole house, making a declutter list is the best way to organize the venture. Make a room-by-room plan and list out each of the tasks needed to declutter each room. Organizing the declutter project and breaking it up into smaller tasks will make it much easier to tackle.


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Step 1

Make a list of all of the main areas in each room. For example, if you are working on decluttering a bedroom, list items such as closets, drawers and boxes.

Step 2

Write down all decluttering items that need to be done underneath all of the parts of the room. This will be a detailed list. Make sure to include all of the areas that you need to declutter.

Step 3

Rewrite the declutter list so that each room is broken into logical sections. Prioritize which areas you will tackle first and in what order. As you check each section off the list, you will feel very satisfied and productive.


Step 4

Do the same thing for every room in your house that you are decluttering. Don't write all of the lists at the same time. Write the lists just before you will be decluttering the particular room.


Write out your list on a computer, and print it, if that is easier for you.