How to Seal Stepping Stones

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Landscape stepping stones are used to make pathways in yards and gardens and can be used in countless ways. Do you need to seal your stepping stones? It turns out that the answer is yes because this is the best way to keep them protected from wear and tear and the outside elements. To seal stepping stones, you can look for sealants that are waterproof and dry to a clear finish.


Stepping Stone Sealer

Stepping stones can be costly, and it is very important to clean, maintain and seal them. Whether you are sealing concrete stepping stones or another kind, there are different ways to get the best results. Sealing acts as a protective barrier that prevents stains and makes the stones easier to clean. Some experts compare this to waxing cars.


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To choose a stone sealer, decide what kind of finish you want and whether your preference is a wet look or a dry look. For a higher gloss, choose a solvent-based sealer, and for a drier appearance, look for water-based ones. Solvent-based sealers will make the pavers look darker, while drier finishes are more natural-looking.


The type you choose will also depend on how porous the stone is. Also, look for stone sealers that are UV- and slip-resistant, especially if the steps are outside by a swimming pool.

Sealing Concrete Stepping Stones

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When sealing concrete stepping stones, look for a concrete sealer and paver sealer product. When applying it, be sure that there is no rain predicted in the forecast for the next 24 hours. Clean the steps with an outdoor broom or leaf blower and pull up any weeds or grass growing between them.


Use a low-pressure sprayer to apply the sealer and be sure to cover the entire surface. Then, take a squeegee to direct the sealant into the steps and remove excess material. Allow the steps to dry for three hours before walking on them. This task should be completed every three to five years.


Sealing Other Kinds of Stepping Stones

Concrete sealers are made to seal porous materials, but other types of stepping stones may have to be sealed in other ways. For sealing mosaic stepping stones, you can pour art resin on top, spread it out with a foam brush and allow it to cure. Other sealant materials include waterproof acrylic sealer and clear finish polyurethane.



You can also use clear concrete sealant on painted concrete steps. If you aren't comfortable with that, polyurethane or clear shellac may work. You will need to apply two to three coats, allowing each to dry in between. Whenever there is any doubt, only use the sealant on one step that is less conspicuous.


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For wood stepping stones or stairs, you can try using surface or penetrating finishes. Surface finishes protect wood from damage, while penetrating finishes work into the wood, maintaining its integrity. Polyurethane is a surface finish and provides a hard and shiny coat, and varnishes are also good for outdoor use. Penetrating finishes, like tung oil, create a beautiful finish but will not last as long. You can also use a sprayer to apply some of these onto the stepping stones.



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