How to Clean a Transparency

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Things You'll Need

  • Cotton or soft cloth

  • Nail polish remover, isopropyl rubbing alcohol or white vinegar

Cleaning a transparency can be difficult without the right tools.

Transparencies are helpful for school, business and other events. You can write on them to illustrate a point during a training or presentation. Unfortunately, they often get smudged and need to be cleaned. Cleaning a transparency is sometimes difficult and time-consuming without the right tools. While you can purchase a transparency cleaning device, you can also use household products you already have. This will give you more time to focus on other tasks you want to complete.


Step 1

Separate the transparencies you want to clean and lay them on a flat surface.

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Step 2

Spray or apply nail polish remover, isopropyl rubbing alcohol or diluted white household vinegar to the area you want to clean.

Step 3

Wipe off any smudges and markings you want to remove from the transparency with a soft cloth or piece of cotton.


To dilute the vinegar, add one part white vinegar to four parts water.


Do not apply nail polish remover to content you want to keep.



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