Mist Maker Instructions

A Mist Maker adds ambiance to a Halloween party and can even keep garden plants hydrated. The Mist Maker produces a billowing mist that floats out of water. Place the Mist Maker in any container of water, whether an outdoor water fountain or a party punch bowl, for a foggy, mysterious special effect. The misting unit uses ceramic discs to help turn regular tap water into billowing mist.

Things You'll Need

  • Tap water

  • Replacement disc

Normal Operation

Step 1

Place the Mist Maker unit in a bowl, container or fountain where you want the mist to billow from. Position the Mist Maker so the power cord is coming out from the top of the unit.

Step 2

Plug the power cable from the Mist Maker unit to the transformer section of the other half of the power cable. Make sure that the majority of the power cord is outside of the container and in a dry place.

Step 3

Fill the container with fresh tap water. Add enough water so the Mist Maker unit is completely submerged in water and is covered with approximately 2 cm of water above the unit.

Step 4

Plug the power cord into an electrical wall outlet. If set up properly, a red light will appear on the Mist Maker unit and it will start producing mist.

Changing the Disc

Step 1

Unplug the Mist Maker when the unit starts not to work as well as it once did. This indicates that the ceramic disc needs replacing. Pull the unit out of the container and let it dry completely before moving on.

Step 2

Insert the key tool that came with your replacement disc into the winding ring of the Mist Maker Unit. Turn it counter-clockwise until it opens.

Step 3

Remove the washer covering the older disc and set it aside. Remove and discard the old disc.

Step 4

Place the replacement disc inside the unit in the same way you found the original disc. The black side of the disc should be facing down. Replace the washer over the disc.

Step 5

Close the Mist Maker unit. Lock it closed by turning the key clockwise. Place your Mist Maker back into the water container and plug it in to use it as you normally would.


Do not run the Mist Maker for more than eight hours at a time.

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