How to Substitute Corn Syrup for Honey

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring cups or spoons

  • Sugar, optional

You can easily substitute corn syrup for honey in most recipes.

Corn syrup is a thick, sticky sweetener that – not surprisingly – comes from corn. It is somewhat similar to honey in consistency and flavor. Honey tends to be somewhat thicker and stickier than corn syrup, however, and is also distinctly sweeter. Furthermore, honey often has a more noticeable flavor of its own, while light corn syrup is almost purely sweet. Dark corn syrup, on the other hand, tastes somewhat like molasses. Because of their similarities in both consistency and sweetness, corn syrup is an acceptable substitute for honey.


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Step 1

Measure out an amount of corn syrup equal to the amount of honey in the recipe. Corn syrup and honey are similar enough that you can do a measure-for-measure substitution rather than adjusting the amount of corn syrup.

Step 2

Add the corn syrup to the recipe at the same time as you would have added the honey. Incorporate it into the recipe in the same way as you would have incorporated the honey.


Step 3

Add a little bit of sugar (or other sweetener) to the recipe if you wish. This applies for most recipes, regardless of whether they originally included sugar or relied on the honey for sweetness. Corn syrup is somewhat less sweet than honey. As a result, you need to increase the sugar (or other sweetener) in the recipe to compensate if you wish to achieve a final product with the same sweetness as if you used honey.


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