How to Decorate Grapevine Trees

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Cone-shaped grapevine trees will give your home a casually elegant look. Decorate the rustic-looking trees with traditional Christmas tree items, such as lights and ornaments, to create festive holiday home decor. A grapevine tree will inject your holiday decor scheme with an artistic flair and is a creative alternative to a traditional faux Christmas tree. Grapevine trees come in a variety of sizes and can be used to enhance desk and table tops, shelves, porches and entryways.


Illuminate a grapevine tree with colorful lights.

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Things You'll Need

  • Ornaments And Hooks

  • Wire

  • Garland

  • Decor Pieces, Such As Wired Birds And Ribbons

  • Tree Topper With Conical-Shaped Base

  • String Of Lights

  • Grapevine Tree

Step 1

Decorate the grapevine tree with mini string lights. Choose multi-colored lights for a vibrant look or lights in one hue, such as blue, white or green, to complement a particular color scheme. Start at the bottom and wrap the lights around the tree in a circular fashion until you reach the top. Nestle the light string into the vines for a secure fit. Wrap a small piece of wire, such as an ornament hook, at the points where the string starts and stops to secure the ends into place.

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Step 2

Wrap a tree garland around the tree, in between the string of lights. Use a garland made of faux pink or white feathers for a touch of glamour. Choose a traditional gold or silver tinsel garland to create a festive look. Secure the ends of the garland to the tree with small pieces of wire. .


Step 3

Accent the tree with ornaments and other decor pieces. Attach colorful birds with wired feet to the tree to create a nature-inspired look. Hang mini ball-shaped ornaments in silver and gold, using wire hooks. Slide decorative ribbons through the vines and tie them into decorative bows.

Step 4

Enhance the grapevine tree with a topper. Choose a small topper featuring a traditional conical-shaped base, which will fit securely over the top of the tree. Pick a shiny star, snowflake or angel-shaped topper for a classic style, a bird-shaped topper to complete a nature theme, or a snowman-inspired version to add a touch of whimsy.



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