How to Make Things From Napkins

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A traditional rolled napkin with a flower napkin ring spices up a table setting.

A properly folded napkin can make a table look elegant and chic. You typically find napkins folded intricately at nice restaurants or holiday dinner tables. There are many ways to fold a cloth napkin, consider if you want to use more than one napkin or if you want extra decor like a flower or napkin ring along with the folded napkin. Decide if you want all the napkin to have one uniform style or if each napkin can have a different style.

Step 1

Open the napkin completely and lay flat. Turn the napkin on one end with a width of 1 inch to 1.5 inches and crease a fold. Flip the napkin while holding the crease and fold again, continue until the entire napkin is folded like an accordion. Place the pointed bottom in a glass and fan out the folds.

Step 2

Use two different colored napkins for the flower bloom fold. Fold your outer napkin in half to form a triangle, this napkin will form the leaves. Fold in half again on the long edge of the triangle. Fold once more along the long edge. Set aside. Create the flower by folding another napkin in half to form a triangle as with the other napkin. Place it on a table with the point facing down. Take the point and fold it up so it's tip slightly extends beyond the long edge on top. Begin to roll the napkin tightly starting with either end. Place the tightly rolled napkin inside the triangle fold of your first napkin. Loosely roll the outer napkin around the inner napkin. Arrange the napkin "flower" inside a glass.

Step 3

Create a napkin fold by opening a cloth napkin all the way and folding it in half, widthwise with the folded end facing you. Fold the top layer of the napkin back down halfway. Carefully turn the napkin over and fold the edges into the center, then fold the entire napkin in half. Use the pocket to hold silverware, flowers, or a sprig of rosemary or sweet basil.


You can use different hued napkins in the same color family like mint green and forest green to add a variety to your table.