How to Turn Off a Kerosene Heater

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You can easily turn off any kerosene heater.

Portable kerosene heaters provide one way to heat rooms when you incur unexpected power outages. However, kerosene heaters must be used safely to avoid accidental fires. Inspect the wick periodically to ensure that your kerosene burns evenly and properly. Shut off the unit before refilling the heater or making adjustments. When turning off a kerosene heater, wait to ensure that the flames are extinguished before you leave the unit unattended.


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Step 1

Push down the shut-off lever on the left side of the wick adjuster knob. Some kerosene heaters have a button instead of a lever.

Step 2

Press and hold the lever or button if the wick does not go down fully. Turn the wick adjuster knob counterclockwise with your free hand to fully lower the wick.


Step 3

Wait five minutes and allow the flames to extinguish completely. Turn the wick adjuster clockwise to raise the wick and ensure there are no more flames.


Allow the kerosene heater to cool for 10 minutes before re-lighting.


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