Presto Poplite Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Popcorn kernels

  • Butter or margarine

  • Salt

  • Large, heat-proof bowl

  • Warm water

  • Soap

  • Dishcloth

  • Drying cloth

Yellow popcorn usually pops bigger than white popcorn.

The Presto PopLite popcorn popper uses hot air to pop the corn rather than oil, making the resulting popcorn a healthier option than some bagged popcorn products. A butter-melting container sits on top of the unit while the corn is popping so that you can pour it over the popped corn, putting you in control of the amount of butter your popcorn contains.


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Step 1

Wash the butter melter and popper cover before first use. Use warm, soapy water. Wipe the base with a damp cloth -- never put it into water. Reassemble the unit.

Step 2

Remove the butter melter and cover from the unit and fill the butter melter with kernels until it is level. Do not heap the kernels into the butter melter.


Step 3

Pour the popcorn into the popping chamber, making sure the level of kernels is under the maximum fill line.

Step 4

Replace the popper cover. Push it gently down, beginning at the back, until it slots into its grooves.


Step 5

Put the butter melter into place on top of the popper cover, with the tab facing toward the rear of the unit. Do this whether you want buttered popcorn or not. The butter melter must always be in place during popping.

Step 6

Place up to 3 tbsp. of butter (soft butter, not taken straight from the fridge) or margarine into the butter melter if you want buttered popcorn.


Step 7

Put a large heat-proof dish under the chute to receive the popped corn. One batch of kernels will produce 3 to 5 qts. of popcorn.

Step 8

Plug the unit into a 120 volt AC electric socket. The popping will be finished in 2 to 3 minutes.


Step 9

Unplug the unit once the popping is finished even if some unpopped kernels are still in the chamber. Some kernels may pop after the unit is unplugged. Leave it until all popping has ceased. Then remove the cover and butter melter.

Step 10

Pour any remaining popcorn into the dish. Use hot pads to hold the unit and quickly replace the popper cover. This allows the cover to cool down while retaining its correct shape.


Step 11

Grasp the butter melter carefully and dribble the melted butter or margarine over the popcorn. Add salt too, if you prefer.

Step 12

Ensure the popping chamber is free of leftover kernels or popcorn before popping further batches. Hold the unit upside down using hot pads to let them fall out. Also wash and dry the butter melter, if necessary, before repeating the rest of the process.


Use fresh, regular and premium brands of popcorn for best results.


Don't put butter, margarine, salt, microwave popcorn or shortening into the popping chamber. The unit will switch itself off if overheated, in which case unplug it and leave it for 15 minutes to cool down before attempting to use it again. Keep hands, faces and children away from the chute during popping. Hot, unpopped, kernels may spurt out, which can be dangerous. Stay with the machine while it is popping. You may need to replace the popcorn receptacle.



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