How to Lower a Stabilizer in a Swimming Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Sump pump

  • Water hose

Partially drain your pool water to lower the stabilizer level.

Cyanuric acid, or stabilizer, prolongs the use of chlorine sanitizer in a pool's water. Stabilizer lengthens the chlorine chemical's lifetime, allowing it more time to sanitize and treat a pool properly. Stabilizer levels that are too high cause the water to become milky or cloudy, which can lead to other water problems. Diluting the level of stabilizer in the swimming pool water effectively lowers the level without the need for applying more pool chemicals.


Step 1

Set the filter system attached to the pool to the "Waste" or "Backwash" setting. If the filter does not contain the appropriate setting, lower a sump pump into the pool water. Run the filter or pump and lower the water level in the pool by several inches.

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Step 2

Refill the pool to the previous water line with water from a garden or water hose. Gather a sample of the water and test its stabilizer or cyanuric acid content with a self test kit or by using the water testing services of a pool professional.


Step 3

Repeat the water draining and refilling process until the stabilizer test reads the desired level. Normal stabilizer levels are between 50 and 80 parts per million.


Test your pool's stabilizer level monthly to avoid chemical problems.


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